Smokin’ Joe Tribute – by Cynthia Vance

Publié: 13 novembre 2011 par Nicolas Zeisler dans On aime ça
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I sign autographs, posters, this and that. It’s nice. It means the people remember, and like what they remember. Mostly what they remember is me and Clay.

We were, I think, what is good about boxing—-skill and passion, and the both of us tapping deep into ourselves for that extra effort. In that ring, we brought the best out of each other.

Joe Frazier

  1. Raveendran dit :

    Congrats to Mike for being able to turnaround after a tuloutums past.On the Pacquiao comments, was he really being honest, being biased with PAC or could he be really that guy trying to speak the way every promoter does? Maybe he wants to MP to join IMP? heheheAll in all, great interview from the former UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Cheers!

  2. Ujang dit :

    You put the lime in the conocut and drink the article up.

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