Le « coup » de Vitali Klitschko

Publié: 29 avril 2010 par Nicolas Zeisler dans C'est notre pote
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Il n’y a pas que Manny Pacquiao qui tâte de la politique. Vitali Klitschko dit « le vieux » a déjà tenté deux fois de se faire élire maire de Kiev. Sans succès.

Mais le géant ukrainien n’est pas homme à renoncer pour si peu : il a annoncé dernièrement la création de son propre parti : « Oudar » c’est-à-dire « coup ». Pro-occidental convaincu, Klitschko ne va pas chercher midi à 14h et annonce un programme qui colle parfaitement au personnage :

« D’un coup puissant et bien placé, je suis prêt à briser le mur dressé entre la société et les autorités qui empêche le développement de l’Ukraine »

A  part ça, Vitali se produit aussi sur les rings. Il est le champion WBC des lourds et affiche un palmarès de 39 victoires – 37 KOs – pour seulement 2 défaites. Avec un ratio de KO supérieur à 90%, il a bien mérité d’être surnommé « Dr Ironfist ».

Pour ses concurrents électoraux, puissent les joutes politiques ne rester que verbales…


  1. Loïc dit :

    La grosse différence reste qu’en boxe, tu prends des gants 😉

  2. Xavier dit :

    I blog frequently and I sesriuoly appreciate your information. Your article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to book mark your site and keep checking for new information about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed as well.

  3. I would like to react about your view on the women of the books ^^First of all… what is Lord of the Rings? War. You’re not wrong when you say it is male oriented but one may agree that army has never been full of women, even today and when they were present it was always to help (as nurses) more than to fight.Let’s examine the few women that are present in Lord of the Rings and as Tolkien create a big cosmology let’s see women’s character in all his books…LotR :Eowyn : she is a fighter yes, but also a damaged girl who wants to die… Her parents are dead, she saw her uncle being weakned by a traitor, and with the context, she thinks Eomer is certainly going to die as well… There is a little bit of heroism in Eowyn but her attempt to go to the battle is a suicidal move, simple as that. She only see there is much more to live when she meet Faramir and see Eomer isn’t dead.Galadriel is not a goddess or whatever you’re trying to say… She’s a elf who learned to be modest and smart. In the Silmarillion, she followed a elf (Fëanor) she hated only because she wanted to rule a country on her own. She even refused the pardon of Valar and she’s stuck on Middle Earth for 2 more Ages… During this time, she worked to do something good for Middle Earth and to become wiser. She finally succeed when she refuse to take the Ring that Frodo is offering her. So at the point of Lord of the Ring, yes, she is mature enough… but she wasn’t always like that, Tolkien is deeper than that Arwen: I agree she isn’t the most compelling character but she’s more a character who symbolize the wait that women suffer when their husband are at war… By the way, in the Appendice of Return of the King (the part of the story of Aragorn and Arwen) you can see a little bit of her personnality, she is calm but determined – she denied her immortality for love that’s not nothing – and at the moment of Aragorn’s death you can see she understand the importance of death, something that she never understood as an immortal, she change her mind about Mankind, who she thought were drama queen to not accept death. But even if she’s now scared of death doesn’t mean she won’t strongly face it when her turn will come…Ioreth is a nurse at Minas Tirith, she doesn’t do a lot but she’s the one who reveal Aragorn as the king of Gondor as he is the only warrior who still has his ability to heal peole. There is no women in the Hobbit but plenty in the Silmarillion… I don’t know if you’ve read the books (as you should ^^) so I won’t specify anything. But there are basically strong-minded sometimes for the bad (too proud) sometimes for the good (protect their own kingdom)…To me, Tolkien’s women are great, it show he had a lot of respect for them and when you compare to them to ASoIaF I disagree with you : Martin’s women seems to have more personality but at the end of the day, they only serve to purpose to show how men are cruel and “grey” in Martin’s world : Pratically all the females character have been raped and sometines some of them enjoy it (yes, for sure… women ENJOY rape that’s completely realistic). The chapter when Osha (or Yara for the TV show) is raped by her “lover” but has an orgasm no matter what, still make me feel sick… And I don’t even want to talk about Arya going “serial-killer” mode… But everybody is entilted to their opinions PS: sorry for my approximative english, it’s not my mother-tongue language

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